Optimals by Oriflame

Optimals Even Out Toner

Rs.1,620 Rs.1,690

Optimals Even Out Toner is a skin-clarifying toner that helps reduce dark spots and promotes an even, bright and radiant complexion. Sweeps away dead skin cells, removes last traces of impurities, tones skin and tightens pores. Formulated with a Swedish natural ingredient blend and LumiLight Complex. Dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types.

When our scientists consumer tested* Optimals Even Out Toner, they achieved the following results!

  • 9/10 women agree promotes an even, bright and radiant complexion*
  • 9/10 women agree tones skin and tightens pores*
  • 9/10 women agree cleanses skin and removes last traces of impurities*
  • 9/10 women agree refreshes skin*
  • Prepares skin for the treatments that follow and helps enhance their benefits

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