Makeup Revolution X Friends Rachel Eyeshadow Palette

"It’s Like All My Life Everyone’s Told Me, ‘You’re A Shoe! You’re A Shoe! You’re A Shoe!’

The Revolution x Friends Rachel Palette features an array of 9 neutral shades to help you create Rachel's signature makeup looks. Plus, for those days you don't want to be a shoe (Friends enthusiasts, you'll know what we mean!) Add a vibrant pop of pink colour or some shimmer to your look. We guarantee you'll never want to take a break from this palette!

Encased in an easy, transportable square compact, with the iconic Friends sofa on the cover, this palette is perfect to keep for yourself or gift to a fellow Friends fan.

Complete your Rachel inspired look with the Rachel Lipstick or Rachel Lipgloss, or complete your palette collection with the rest of your favourite characters:
Revolution x Friends Monica
Palette Revolution x Friends Phoebe Palette

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