Luscious Brow Luxe Kit


A portable, mirrored tool kit packed with everything you need for perfectly groomed eyebrows at home or on the go! Give your brows the VIP treatment with an arsenal of high-performance products to shape, define, fill and set them, our Brow Luxe Tool Kit includes:

» 2 x Brow Powders

» Brow Setting Wax

» Mini Tweezers

» 2 x Brow Brushes

» 3 x Stencils

» Step-by-step Guide

Brow Powder x 2-Net Wt.0.035 oz (1g) Wax- Net Wt.0.018 oz (0.5g)

How To Use:

Step 1: Select the stencil that is closest to your desired brow shape. We recommend the one closest to your natural shape. 

Step 2: Select a brow powder, or mix both shades to create one that matches your brows perfectly. 

Step 3: Fill in brows with angled brow brush. Use sharp, short strokes for a bold look, or draw in softer strokes for a softer finish. 

Step 4: Remove stencil and carefully tweeze the hairs outside the stenciled area. Be careful not to over pluck! 

Step 5: Apply the wax in soft, outward strokes all over your brow with angled brush to smooth brow hairs and set the powder. (Optional) If you want to soften or smooth out the overall effect, gently comb through with the spoolie brush.

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