Ginseng Ganoderma Eye Cream

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XiangShengMeiXue Ginseng Ganoderma Eye Cream

    • Age Prevention
    • Dark spots/Uneven skin tone
    • Dryness
    • Lack of Radiance
    • Lifting and firming
    • Lines and wrinkles

Lightens fine lines, dark circles and firms the skin around eyes


Shelf Life: 12 Months

Suitable for: All skin types

Main Ingredients: Jinseng , Ganoderma, Chrysanthellum Indicum

Details: Reduces fine lines and dark circles, lifts sagging skin, removes unnecessary fart, Removes edema (accumulation of fluid around eyes that causes puffiness)

Specifications: 20/ml

Size: Full Size


American Ginseng Ganoderma Lucidum Essence Series

Protecting your youthful skin around the eyes by treating aging and skin problems around it deep under the skin.

Improves 5 major eye problems:

Say goodbye to recurring problems


  1. Reduces eye bags

Drawn from natural plants

Protects eye muscles

Soothes, eliminates fat, tightens eye area


  1. Smooths fine lines around the eyes

Penetrates deeply, is long-lasting and repairs vulnerable eye contours that are highly vulnerable to outside injury


  1. Repels dark circles

Regulates the fundus of the eye area, inhibits melanin, and continuous use reduces dark circles effectively.


  1. Brightens the skin around eyes

Infuses Vitality Factor for younger looking eye area

Minimizes eye pigmentation

Brightens the tone of the eye area


  1. Anti-sagging and enhances skin elasticity

Deeply nourishes the eye area

Promotes cell activity for more youthful look

Keeps the eye area moisturized and prevents loose skin


Your eyes need to breathe too




  • Improve eye skin discoloration
  • Leaves skin supple, moisturized & flawless


American ginseng

  • Delays skin aging
  • Awaken the skin’s ability to remain young and fight signs of aging




  • Resist signs of aging naturally and internally while protecting against external damage.




  • Deep hydration
  • Strengthens the muscle base
  • Improves skin’s self-repair ability




The special production process allows the Ginseng Ganoderma Lucidum Essence to penetrate into the muscle base, fight free radicals, balance the oxygen absorption and oxygen supply capacity of the eye muscles, and improves the eye’s aerobic activity by gently massaging the eye area which activates cell activity.



Important Notice:


Key point 1: Eye cream and fat granules are not necessarily related

Key point 2: If eye cream is used after the age of 25, the eye pattern is likely to be ingrained.

Key point 3: You can't just use eye cream on the corners of your eyes.

The aging of the upper and lower eyelids is earlier than the corner of the eyes.

Key point 4 : The vegetable oil in the eye cream contains the amino acids which are needed for the fundus of the eye, which are easily absorbed and can give the eye muscles a long-term miniaturization.

Key point 5: When used, there will be a faint herbal feel and odor because of the use of natural plant extracts in the cream.















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