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Chioture Double Head feather Curling Mascara



CHIOTURE Double Head Feather Soft Curling Mascara

Name: Double Head Feather Soft Curling Mascara

Origin: China

Color Options: 01

Effect: Curling


CHIOTURE Double Head Feather Soft Curling Mascara White curling fiber

Long Black Lashes


Use of black mascara and white base together gives a more slender and fuller look.

Long-lasting Photo-perfect Curled Lashes

Before use

White base

Black mascara


Double headed design


Slim and black Activated Carbon brush head

The long, thin black brush allows to apply the mascara to every lash carefully in detail.


Thick white feather brush head

Used to form a base under the mascara, gives a long-lasting curling effect.


Smooth and Fine Mascara

Doesn’t form clumps

Make the eyelashes look longer and more naturally curled



Waterproof and sweat-proof formula

The mascara shade compliments the eyelashes beautifully. Mascara is easy to apply and is water-proof/sweat-proof.

Tips: It is recommended to use eye make-up remover to remove makeup



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