What lip shade defines your personality? Read on as PickyPicks helps you figure that out!

Fun fact alert! Are you aware of the fact that your lipstick shade is an interesting reflection of your personality? The lip colors you are more into depict certain characteristics that you have that are more dominant than the rest. As interesting as it sounds, science says that a lip color is a far more authentic indicator to predict someone’s personality than the color of clothes or shoes they wear.

Your lip shade is your personality indicator

Naturally, some people go for reds while some choose browns lip colors and that’s because they love those colors and are confident in wearing them. Your lip color sets the mood and there is no denying in that. Your favorite shade says so much about you that you think. And when you find your favorite shade in the most amazing liquid lipstick, there isn’t much left to be thankful for.

Pudaier Mini liquid lipsticks have shades for every personality that exists on this earth

Pudaier Liquid lipsticks are definitely the best and long-lasting liquid lipsticks in town. They have the most soothing formula that keeps your lips hydrated for a long time. Also, these lipsticks come in their mini versions which are so easy to carry it with you wherever you go.

Pudaier mini liquid lipsticks come in 8 wonderful shades for 8 different personality traits. So, yes if you possess any of these traits, then these lipsticks should be your next buy. Choose the shade you think suits your personality and buy them now from https://pickypicks.co/collections/makeup-lips/products/pudaier-mini-liquid-lipstick. But if you have no idea what shade defines your personality, then read on for we have broken it all down to basics. Figure out your trait and learn about your favorite shade.

Your Personality VS Your Lip shade

You love experimenting and a quirky classy

You love trying something new. You love to experiment with things and love bringing a bit of quirkiness in the old classic stuff. If this is what you think you are, then E510 in Pudaier liquid lipstick is your shade to go. It falls under coral and peach and that’s what you love.

You are ambitious but a safe player

There is nothing wrong to be passionate and yet play safely. You take time in taking big decisions and tats okay. If this is you, then pinks and purples are definitely the shades for you. E506, E517 and E520 from Pudaier mini liquid lipsticks must be in your mini bag right now.

You are a friend to everyone and is peaceful at heart

That’s definitely a nude lip shade lover. People might think you are shy but you are a happy person who loves those who love you. E521 is your shade without a doubt, a good nude with a slight pinkish shade.

You are assertive, confident and loves yourself

You own a unique sense of style and you love it. You love attention and are confident enough to face it. You love everything bold and dark and that’s how your lip shades are. E508, E513 and E515 in Pudaier mini liquid lipsticks, are the colors that will best suit your personality.

So, we have guided you enough and now it’s your turn. See what personality you have and then put your money on the lip shade you want to buy. It’s as easy as it sounds. Buy your perfect liquid lipsticks from https://pickypicks.co/collections/makeup-lips/products/pudaier-mini-liquid-lipstick and flaunt your wonderful personality traits.





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