We Dare You: 5-Day Lipstick Challenge

Let`s celebrate how brilliant it is to be a woman! Let`s be adventurous with life and turn a few heads! We dare you to wear a different shade of lipstick every day for a full workweek!

Day 1: Rule the World! 
Being a woman isn`t an easy space to occupy – it requires strength, passion, fearlessness and some red lipstick. 
Our pick: The ONE Colour Obsession 
Red Rage

Day 2 – Good vibes only! 
Spring is classically about rebirth and that is totally pink`s territory. 
Our pick: The ONE Colour Obsession Pink Possession

Day 3 – I am who I am! 
Sometimes it`s the quiet colours that shout the loudest. 
Our pick: The ONE Colour Obsession Nude Appeal

Day 4 – Don`t worry, be purple! 
Simple pleasures are the most effective stress busters, laughter is the most powerful medicine, and purple is the colour of energy. 
Our pick: The ONE Colour Obsession Purple Power 

Day 5 – Turn up the music! 
Live up your bold side! Dare, be more, not hold back! 
Our pick: The ONE Colour Obsession 
Cherry Crave

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