Time to show off all the dark lipsticks you own!

Feeling bold and aggressive? Well, going for dark lipstick will definitely catch everyone’s eye! Like always, it’s very important to choose a shade that works for your skin tone. You can wear dark lipstick anytime, just remember to go for nude eye makeup if you wear it during the day; if you wear it on a night out, feel free to go for a total dark look, with black smokey eyes. Here’s a tip: matte lipsticks should always be applied after drawing the outline of your lips with a lip liner, to stop the lipstick from getting messy, and slipping off your lips. Sheer lipsticks will also need a little help to stay in place, and here’s a trick for that: you don’t want to be buying a lip liner for each color you own, so just get a transparent one — this will stop your lipstick from smudging.

And here are two more little tricks: dark lipstick can deflect attention from any flaws on your nose, focusing everyone’s look on your lips. If your lips are thin, go for a gloss, which will make your lips look much fuller.


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