This All-Purpose sanitizer, Must be your next buy and here is why!

This is an undeniable fact that 2020 is a testing year, thanks to Covid-19 and the only way we can keep ourselves safe from corona is by keeping ourselves and our surroundings clean and practicing lots of social distancing. One of the major lessons we have learnt from Covid-19 is  how important general hygiene and cleanliness is to keep us safe from any kind of bacteria or virus. Sanitization and safety go hand in hand and that this is definitely our future. This is how we will be expected to live our lives. 

Why is sanitization considered so important? 

Experts recommend proper sanitization of body, clothes, hands, food items and all kinds of surfaces for safety against viruses and germs by using a reliable sanitizer. PickyPicks, taking into account all the properties of an authentic and reliable sanitizer, has picked up cleanitiseTM for you. This is an all purpose sanitizer available in two size bottles, 500ml and 150ml and every bottle is highly affordable. The 500ml bottle is for Rs. 350 which is pretty low if compared to any sanitizer available in the market. PickyPicks aims to make no profit out of the sale of this product and wants this product to reach out to masses and the general public as much as possible. 

What cleanitiseTM has to offer:

Before you buy this sanitizer online through this link,

let us give you a summary of how you can use it to make sure you are virus-free. 

Use it for your hands:

Apply cleanitiseTM on your hands and leave your hands to dry for about 30 seconds. It is free and safe from any harmful chemicals so it's perfectly safe to spray it on your skin. 

Clean your Fruit and Vegetables: 

cleanitiseTM is considered safe to apply on food. You can spray this sanitizer on your fruits, vegetables, canned food or other grocery items before you bring them to store in your refrigerator or your kitchen cabinets. If not in a hurry to use them, you can also keep your items under the sun for some hours after Sanitization and then wash them off before putting them in their places. 

Sanitize your house surfaces 

cleanitiseTM is completely free from toxins and chemicals so it's great to be used on any kind of surface. Spray some amount on a piece of cloth and attach the cloth with a stick. Mop your house floors including your TV lounge, bedroom, kids play area and kitchen, with the sanitizer at least twice a day. Also, you can clean your cabinets, drawers, handles, doorknobs and kitchen surfaces as well with this highly useful sanitizer.  

Other than the properties above, cleanitiseTM can also be used to treat a fungus, a skin disinfection, a toothpaste and a stain remover. You can use it for gargling when you have a sore throat. 

Buy this now and keep your family safe and  healthy

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and get your hands on any size bottle you want. Your safety and health comes first and cleanitiseTM just helps to deliver that.

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