The Perfect Wedding Kit for All Brides

If you are a bride-to-be or someone who is looking for a useful gift to present to a bride-to-be, then this blog is definitely for you.

Winters are considered season for weddings all around the world but especially in Asia. It is a wonderful month to celebrate all the festivities and see two souls becoming one. When people around you are getting married, you run out of gift ideas that you can give them to make them feel special. Brides usually get lots of stuff for themselves to start their new lives. So, what are those things that you can gift them that they might have not bought yet?

Well, we have, in this article, created a collection of products that are not only special but pretty useful that you can gift a bride-to-be. Also, all the brides reading this blog add all these items in your makeup collection or wedding kit as each one is worth every penny you spend.

The list

  • The Eye Palette for a perfect eye look

The Urban Decay naked Smokey eyeshadow palette is a beautiful collection of shades with velvet textures, that you won’t find anywhere else. You can play with different colors from browns to grays to deep black. The shades are highly pigmented. The palette has 12 shades with a brush which is smooth and makes application quite easy. You can find and purchases this palette from

  • Paint your lips with Ruby Woo

Ruby is one color that looks amazing on brides. Also, it makes them look happy if applied on lips. If you are a bride than MAC Lip glass-Ruby Woo is the lip gloss that you must carry in your bag at all times. This gloss has a beautiful and smooth finish. The gloss is highly pigmented and shiny. It will go great with all your wedding dresses. Wait no more and buy this product from


  • Rose Royalty- for a perfect bride glow

Blush is one the most important makeup products that all brides must carry in their makeup collection. A perfect blush will not only give a smooth texture and glow to their face but will also make the overall makeup look fresh. The E.L.F beautifully bare blush in the shade rose royalty is a perfect natural looking shade ever. The texture of the blush is quite smooth and blends in the skin quite well. This blush is available from


  • A good BB Cream over anything else

Who doesn’t love a bb cream? Before, these foundations and concealer came out; bb creams were our only saviors. Plus, a bb cream with a great coverage is perfect to use without applying any foundation or concealer. All brides in their initial days need quick makeup ideas to look great for parties and lunches and L’Oreal’s Glam Nude BB Cream serves the idea quite well. It is perfect for daily look and provides enough moisturizer to deal with winter’s harsh cold and dryness. Get your bb cream now from


  • A must-have cream for all brides

A bride needs to have a proper skin at least for a few days after marriage. With all the makeup applications every day, it becomes quite hard though but we have a nice fix for you. The ultimate quick fix for the skin is the MAC Strobe Cream Illuminator. It is super-powered with potent botanicals to refresh and moisten. It helps convert the look of dull, flat or tired-looking skin into a bright and glowing skin with the help of nutritious vitamins and a mega-dose of green tea. It is perfect for use at all times. You can purchase this cream from here


  • Pink and Powerful for all the brides


A perfect blender to fix all your makeup and create a blended look, Original W7 Power Puff must be in your beauty kit at all times. With the help of this power product blend and set liquid foundation, blusher, highlighters and contour creams and get that glow! Before you forget, purchase this product now


  • Always Smell Good Like a New Bride

If you are a new bride, then you must smell good at all times. You must have bought lots of perfumes by now but Victoria Secret’s Lily Fragrance Mist is amazing and light enough to go with both evening and day events. This can be a perfect gift for a bride-to-be as well. Get your bottle from here


All the above products are essentials, that all brides should carry in their makeup kits at all times. If you haven’t bought any of these yet, please do it now and have a happy married life ahead.

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