The Magic Mist That Fixes Everything

What do you use to set your makeup or give a boost of hydration to your skin that you have applied? A setting spray, I reckon? Yes then which one really? There are many setting sprays available in the market, both expensive and cheap but have you ever wondered that these setting sprays are just helping to lock your makeup and make it last for some time. They aren’t providing the right amount of hydration your skin needs while setting the makeup. Also, it’s very important that the setting spray you are using is helping heal the tired skin and moisturizing it as required.

Does your setting spray do all that? If no then it’s time to change it and there is no better product for all these tasks other than the MAC Prep+ Prime Fix. What is that, you ask? We have everything covered on this product, in this article, from introduction to usage. Read on and enjoy.

About MAC Prep+Prime Fix

MAC Prep + Prime Fix is a binding spray. This product is packed with various vitamins and minerals. These minerals are blended with cucumber, green tea and chamomile that give a soothing and refreshing texture to the skin. Your skin gets an instant boost of hydration and glow after applying.

If you prefer your skin to have some luminosity and don’t want to have a powdery look after applying the makeup, then MAC Prep+Prime Fix is the product that you must have at all times. This product is great to fix, hydrate, sooth and calm the skin.

How to use this product?

Well, there are many ways in which you can use MAC Prep+ Prime Fix and here are some:

  • You can use MAC Prep + Prime Fix as a toner which can balance out the acidity of the skin. It tones down and moisturizes the skin.
  • MAC Prep+ Prime Fix can fix your base that you might have applied wrongly. Just spray this product over your base makeup and see the magic. It binds over the makeup and adjusts the base quite perfectly.
  • MAC Fix can be sprayed on your dry and frizzy hair and convert them into smooth and shiny hair.
  • MAC Fix can be used to intensify your eye shadow. Just apply the mist on your brush before using it on your eyes.
  • Use this product as an immediate hydration potion after you have applied the makeup.
  • You can also spray MAC Fix over your dried out eyeliner and get the intensity and consistency back.

The uses are limitless. Have you seen a product with so many uses? Investing in MAC Prep+ Prime Fix is worth your investment. You can buy this product from

Fix all your makeup problems from this magic product and look your best every single time!


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