The Classy MAC Lipglass - Perfect Shades For Your Perfect Lips

As makeup lovers we are always on a hunt to find the best products for our face to create beautiful makeup looks and stand out from the rest. Obviously, good things don’t come easy but lots of research and reading on the internet can help you find the products you crave for. PickyPicks blogs is an amazing medium that can help you figure out what you want for a perfect look. From mascaras to lip colors and from eye shadows to bronzers, we have everything here that will help you choose a perfect look for yourself.

In this blog, we will take our readers to the world of MAC and introduce them to our much favorite MAC LipGlass in six different shades.

Mac Lipglass-Intro

Mac Lipglass is a liquid lipstick as the name suggests. This lipglass lipstick has a formula that is very pigmented and shiny. The shades Mac has introduced can help you give both a dramatic and also a subtle look. What’s interesting is that every shade speaks for itself and you don’t have to do much to your face when you have these lipglasses on. The lipglasses help you create he look that you have in your mind in just a few minutes.

The lipglasses are hydrating and smoother and the formula is much better than previous MAC’s liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks last for six to eight hours which is exactly what every woman wants a long-lasting liquid lipstick. The packaging is wonderful and you can carry them everywhere in your bag. There are so many shades that MAC has introduced in its Lipglass range but we have picked the most amazing six shades that we thing will look amazing on you guys. Below is the *Glassy* list. Read through!

Create Magic on your face with MAC LIPGLASS-MAGICALLY DELIGHTFUL

This is a light pink lipglass with a smooth texture. The lipglass settles on the lips perfectly and is great to use if you are looking for light, subtle lips. The shade goes perfectly for a day meeting or an outdoor summer picnic. Wait no more and buy this lipglass from

Craving for rich, red looks? Try MAC Lipglass in shade Ruby Woo

Mac Lipglass in shade Ruby Woo is a rich deep red lip color with a smooth finish. It settles on your lips perfectly and is highly pigmented. This shade is best for bolder lips with minimum makeup. You can buy this lipglass from

Spice up your life with MAC Lipglass-Spice

This Lipglass is in the shade in medium brown with warm, slightly orange undertones. It has semi-opaque pigmentation with a smooth texture. It is perfect for a day look. You can find the shade from here

What’s life without some browns? Try MAC Lipglass’s Lust to get your perfect brown lips

Lust is a muted, medium-dark coral with warm brown undertone. The shade is closer to peach and coral. The consistency is smooth and the weight is perfect. The shade is quite moisturizing, best for our harsh summers. Get your hands on this lipglass by clicking this link .

The Candy Box is a yummy shade that you have always been looking for.

Candy Box is a medium pink with a warm undertone. It has good color coverage, though not quite full, that applied evenly across the lips. The shade stays perfectly for a maximum of six hours. Ge a candy box lipglass through this link

Brighten up your lips with this perfect pink shade, Impassioned

Impassioned is a bright, medium pink-coral. It had semi-opaque pigmentation that applied evenly and can easily get noticed from a normal viewing distance. The shade is available at

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