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We are living in the 21st century and that clearly means we are now in a period that’s ruled by technology. Thanks to technology, buying and selling has so much easier and comfortable. You don’t need to have a physical shop with a name to sell your products to the customer. Everything is now just a click away, thanks to so many advanced apps and websites that operate for us ever day, all 24 hours. All these apps and websites have made online shopping so much fun and convenient. The days of unasked hassle are so over.

Online makeup shopping can be tricky

Online shopping is also in demand which means that it is definitely here to stay. Just like anything else, online makeup shopping has also accelerated in the last few years. You will find so many online makeup shops on Instagram and Facebook today; that you will be left confused what to buy from where. Obviously the chances of falling into a fraud are quite high, when you are shopping online because its hard to figure out the authenticity of brands through an online forum but some online shopping websites are so true and authentic that you will find every customer giving a positive review in the favor of the website.

Choose Picky Picks for authentic makeup shopping

Picky Picks is one such online makeup shopping website that sells all the authentic makeup brands under one roof. From makeup to skin care to bags and perfumes, everything is available under the label of PickyPicks. All the products sold are from the original brands, as clearly mentioned on the website.

Its so easy to fool a customer through online shopping, by tagging product with a brand name but charging a price way lower than the original product’s. We, as humans, are easily attracted towards a lower priced brand than a higher priced brand and then are always found trapped by the fake online shopping websites. With PickyPicks, you can blindly trust each product and its brand. This online forum has been founded to provide authentic online products by the biggest brands that have ever existed, to the people in Pakistan and around, so that no man or woman feels left out from enjoying the luxuries of branded makeup and goods that aren’t available in their country otherwise.

All the brands you want!

Bobbi Brown, ColorBox, Artdeco, Mac and Morphe are just a few drops of brands available in the sea of brands you can find at PickyPicks. Online makeup shopping wasn’t that fun until PickyPicks joined the league!

Sale, Sale, Sale!

Also, you can keep a check on the sale that’s happening every now and then on the website. Sale on online shopping is always a treat!

So do you hear us? Calling out all the brand lovers who enjoy online makeup shopping! PickyPicks is definitely your place to pick out all you want to look good every day. Visit PickyPicks now and thank us later!


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