I am a big fan of eye shadows and alive with many palettes. I found the O.TWO.O colors of the palette beyond gorgeous specifically for my complexion. I love how many combinations can be done with just one palette and the pigmentation is incredible and lasts for a really long time. If you don't master the probable delusion of beauty bloggers with the O.TWO.O eye shadow palettes, let me streak it out for you. First of all, the quality is brilliant. Basically all of these shades apply like a fantasy, are highly pigmented, creamy and fuse beautifully. The O.TWO.O mattes are supposed to be butter-smooth. The pigmentation varied but most were pigmented and fairly blend able to very blend able. I could wear them for 7 to 8 hours on me.

Second, there's the case that these palettes provide a pre-selected compound of eye shadows that should grant basically anybody to construct a broad combo of makeup looks, from fluffy and essentially natural to shimmery glam to acute drama. Rather than having to go out and buy different palettes to frame towards a complete makeup look, you're basically set when you gain a O.TWO.O palette.

Third, having all of these gorgeously adaptable colors together in one palette is really inspiring. You just take out your palette in the morning, look at the dimension of pigments in front of you, and start applying based on what looks good to you. Finally, the palettes all come with a really good eye shadow brush, which makes them the perfect buy for both beginners who don't already have a stash of brushes, as well as collectors who want to expand their collection. 

 O.TWO.O No.1 is generally described as the most versatile of all the O.TWO.O palettes. It combines matte shades with punchier shimmer and metallic. NO. 1 is heavy on beiges, gold and browns, and suited for warm, neutral and cool complexions.

O.TWO.O No.3 seems perfect for the winter weather with a combination of both strong and light colors. This palette amalgamates all the dark winter colors along with having pretty shimmery shades in it too to balance the eye makeup.  


O.TWO.O No.4 is my favorite with all the light glittery shades and tints of bronze to give you a perfect glammed up look during the spring or summer season. Light pastel hues help in making the eyes brighten up and an eyeliner on top of these shades is all you need for the go!!!

O.TWO.O No.6 perfect or a party, wedding or any extravagant event. All the bright shades with extra tints of glitter and shimmer. The pinks, oranges, pales and browns all add up to make the eyes beautiful than ever. One really can’t miss buying this palette before any of the exuberant events.

In general, I'd say that anyone could make any of the O.TWO.O palettes work for them, but that choosing a palette should be based on what colors you like working with most.


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