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There is a dinner to attend at 7 pm tonight and you have only one hour to get ready. You put on your clothes and move on to your face. Oohhh that base looks perfect! You apply your concealer followed by a little contouring. The eyes need a liner and mascara only. You put a beautiful lip shade and tadaa you are ready. Or maybe not? There is something missing. Oh a pop of color is missing and this is then you decide to put a blush on. But which blush to go for, powder blush or a liquid blush?

Liquid Blush Vs Powder Blush

One swipe of blush can instantly make you look alive than any caffeine or energy drink can. There's really nothing more beautiful than the natural pop of colors on the cheeks; that's why we're all obsessed with it. Powder Vs Liquid is an old argument because some people believe that powder blush lasts longer while some think its liquid that stays stronger and gives a beautiful finish to the overall look.

Powder Blush has been dominating the beauty industry for a long time but just a few years back liquid blush has taken its place because of a natural feel it adds up to the whole look.

Powder Blush works for all but does it support all natural?

There is no question or doubt on the point that the powder blush works with every skin type. Powder blush is great for a look where you want to look really glowing All you need is a bit fluffy brush and blend to see your cheeks pop out with the glow you need.

Liquid Blush sounds just for us!

On the other hand, liquid blush is the new generation blush and have hydrating formulas that results to a nice, dewy look Liquid Blush tends to be very lightweight and looks more natural than powder blush do. After the application of the blush, you can see and feel the illusion of a flush that comes from within. It is very similar to the natural blush and in today’s time mostly people choose for a natural makeup look rather than a heavy, powdered make-up look.

Liquid blush including tints, creams and gel are ideal for people from normal to dry skin because of its moisturizing quality. It also works best for people with mature skin because it has the effect of making you look more youthful.

You may have to wait for a while before the liquid blush dries nicely on your cheeks but once it does, you're surely going to love how natural it looks. And it yields long-lasting effects.

O.TWO.O Liquid Blush is a perfect make-up asset!

We have our votes for a liquid blush and making a choice is easy when you know which one is the best. O.TWO.O’s long lasting liquid blush has our heart. It is easily available from


 There are two amazing shades available at PickyPicks website that you can choose from. The blush shades, Morning and Orgasm are available that are perfect for every kind of event or a simple day out with friends.

The best thing about this liquid blush is that it makes you look all natural and beautiful, just something you want to be at all times. Perfectly priced, these blushes must be in your makeup kit from now on. Visit PickyPicks and buy now because no makeup is good enough until you have some blush on!

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