Lanbena Sheet Face Masks for Beauty on-the -Go!

Here is a fact, facial sheet masks have been a part of our Asian culture for a long time and they are increasingly becoming popular because let’s get straight who has the time to go through long beauty regimens these days. These masks are highly convenient, easy to use and work wonders in transforming a dull, tired skin into a bright, fresh-looking skin.

What’s in a face mask sheet?

All facial sheets consist of all kind of assorted ingredients that are quite beneficial for your skin. These are pre-cut fabrics that are infused with rich serums. All facial sheets are ready to use as soon as you open them and no tiresome application process is required. All you are supposed to do is open the pack, put the sheet mask on for a maximum of 20 minutes and Tadaaa! Within a span of just 20 minutes your face will feel smoother, softer and rejuvenated. These 20 minutes will give you results not exactly but close to the results from a good, long spa treatment.

Sheet face masks are stress relievers

This might be new for you but do you know that sheet masks can help reduce stress? A mask to take away all your sorrows! Yup! When you take out some time from your busy schedules for a short pampering session with a sheet mask, all your worries will fade away from your face and the difference is very much visible.

Keep them anywhere!

Facial sheet masks are great to keep with you on the go and takes up less space than any cream, moisturizer or beauty product. These masks usually come in thin packages which make it easy to carry them everywhere while you are travelling. You can use them right after a meeting to freshen up your face or on a holiday. It’s like having a beauty booster wherever and whenever you need one.

Our Recommendation: Lanbena Sheet Face Masks

Now, there are so many facial sheet masks available in the market and it has become quite confusing to choose the best one. Picking The One is hard but here at PickyPicks our experts have this issue already solved for you. We think there is no better and affordable sheet mask available today than the Lanbena Sheet Mask. Lanbena Sheet Mask is a silky soft luxury sheet packed with all kinds of botanical oils and extracts that are great to give you that ultimate glow.

At PickyPicks you can choose from four different masks Lanbena has to offer. Each mask has its own benefits and work great for any skin-type.

The Lanbena Vitamin C serum mask is great for whitening and will leave your face bright and tight.

The Blueberry Serum Mask is here to repair your damaged skin and shrink all the skin pores.

The 24K Gold Serum Mask is best for Anti-Aging and helps improve hydration. 

The Hyaluronic Mask contains Hyaluronic Acid which is quite effective for smooth skin and it helps moisturizing the face and improves the appearance of a tired, dehydrated and oily skin.

All these masks by Lanbena are the answers of all the prayers you made for a healthy skin. We can’t recommend a healthy, easy and highly affordable sheet mask than this one. Buy your favorite Lanbena mask now.


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