How to organize your makeup bag?

How to organize your makeup bag?


Do you keep a makeup bag or a makeup organizer? If yes, then how many times in a month do you actually clean it or remove extra, expired items from it? Well, just like the room you stay in, your makeup bag is a tiny space for all the expensive makeup items you have collected to apply on your skin. Don’t you think that this space needs to stay organized and cleaned? Definitely, yes! Organizing your makeup bag will not only help you find the lost makeup items but will also save many things from being crushed or broken. So let us discuss some of the easiest yet helpful tips to organize your bag. As you will continue reading this article, I will also mention some of the most affordable and handy makeup bags of 2018 and also where you can buy them. So, let’s get started!


  1. Throw away the items that don’t belong

Don’t be a hoarder. Look for the items that have broken or expired. You don’t need them anymore if even they have an emotional value. Create an open space for the items that might have more value.


  1. Don’t keep duplicate items

If your eyeshadow palette has a mirror, don’t keep an extra compact mirror. You won’t even use that extra mirror so why keep it?


  1. Remove the expired items

Make sure that the items that are expired are out of your bag immediately. Don’t take the risk of keeping them in your make up organizer and then forgetting and using them later. They also take all the extra space.


  1. Always carry your brushes

Mini-brushes are very handy and can easily be adjusted in a makeup organizer. Never use your fingers to apply make-up while on the go.


  1. Keep tiny bags within your makeup bag

Get small, zippered bags. Keep different supplies in different bags such as keep a separate bag for your eye products and a separate bag for your lip products. This will help you find things you need quite easily and quickly.


  1. Find a perfect palette

Instead of keeping a separate blush, highlighter and a contour, go for a palette that has all these three in one. Find the colors that are right for you. It is handy and also feasible.


  1. Clean your makeup bag

Lastly, it is very important to keep your makeup organizer cleaned. You don’t want other to see the marks of liner or bronzer at the bottom of your bag. Wash your bag according to the instructions given by the maker.


In addition to all these tips, it is also very important to find a perfect makeup bag or organizer for all your makeup items. I have list down some of the makeup bags of 2018 that you will not only find useful but are also very affordable. So, let’s go through the list, shall we?




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