How to Groom Your Eyebrows to Suit Your Face Shape

Remember your teenage years when you first got your eyebrows shaped? how shaped brows transform our face and the entire personality gave butterflies in our stomach, right? No matter how many years it has been, getting the brows done always brings back that ‘wow’ feeling. Doesn’t it? Perfectly shaped eyebrows not only define the structure of the face, they also add multitudes of femininity to the beholder’s personality. A confident woman always keeps two arcs on her side: her smile and the brows!

Different face, different shape

Although, as much the perfect brows add to our looks, it remains to be a tedious job to get them done perfectly. Even for the best of stylists, it is an intricate task to find a perfect shape for every face. As each face has its own cuts and curves, there is no single formula that fits for all. With the assistance of cutting-edge technology, it has become much easier a job. Now you can even try different brow makeovers digitally on various beauty apps. Isn’t that really convenient, ladies?

The flawless arc

To make perfect brows our best friend we need to understand what are the areas we should be careful about. A perfect pair of brows is the one befitting our face on following three parameters:

• The inner end
• The centre peak
• The outer end

In spite of the fact that there are approximations how each of the categories should be, each face has its own compatibility. Some look great with flattering steep peaks while some look their best in milder ones. Always seek an expert suggestion from a stylist (or your best friend’s opinion!) to save yourself from getting embarrassed.

Alignment is the key

Whether you keep it fuller like Lily Collins or make it edgy like Rihanna, it has to be symmetrical. Asymmetrical brows make the worst kind of fashion disasters. More than often in hurry, or while getting the brows done for the sake of it, we tend to opt for unreliable options which upset the entire face structure. In case you are thinking of getting them done at home or on your own, make sure you know these tricks:

• Check the horizontal alignment of the brows for equal height with the help of tweezers     or a brush
• Check for the vertical spacing from your nose as well
• Make sure the tail of eyebrows end symmetrically
• Arcs should take equal peaks on both the brows

Don’t go overboard

Try to mix tough and mild methods to prevent your skin from developing rashes or, in severe cases, bleeding. Whether you are opting for regular threading, targeted waxing, tweezing or trimming, make sure you have drawn the desired shape with a brow pencil. Failing in which may lead to the removal of extra hair, making the shape look detrimental for your looks. Never use brow brush recklessly in any direction, rather prefer small and soft strokes in the direction of your natural hair growth.


Courtesy: by SHIKHA SHARMA

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