Hello Summers!

Summer is full of wonderful things — but melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and super-sticky lipstick are not among them. Follow these simple but useful tips and successfully curb the affects of summer heat and humidity! ;)

1. Moisturize – Keep the face moisturized. The positive affect of this is that your skin will be prevented from producing more oil than necessary and help it to stay hydrated as per need.

2. Use Primer – By using Primer, the skin gets a clean base and the makeup is able to adhere and thereby stay for a longer period. Another advantage of primer is that less make up product is required. Please keep in mind that the more product on your face the more there is to worry about melting away.

3. Make use of Pigment – Make use of heavy pigment. Do not confuse it with heavy makeup. The natural question that raises its head is, what’s the difference. The reply to this question is that heavily pigmented means there is more color in less product. So when less product results in less makeup and in this regard it must be noted that when makeup is of quality, it makes possible to cover more with less.

4. Use Liquid Liner – The specialty of Liquid liner is that it dries like ink. In this way it does not leave its place and it will not run. This makes the liquid liner your best friend, as there are no smears. Chances of melting away are eliminated.

5. Use Powder – It is necessary to lock the make up by applying powder. For understanding, remember that setting your powder is like adding a clear coat on your polish. 


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