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Have you ever wondered why your makeup fails to make you look perfect, even though you are watching lots of videos and carrying out all the steps required for a professional makeup look? Your face still looks full of flaws while you have wasted so much time to make it appear flawless. There could be many reasons but the main reason mostly is that your concealer isn’t helping you at all.

Concealers are great for fixing your flaws but not on their own

Concealers are used to hide dark circles, blemishes or skin discolorations. People usually believe that concealers can be used on their own but that’s not true. Concealers work best when used in relation with foundation – hand in hand they work to smooth skin tone and texture. They have their limitations and they just can’t fix your face on their own. Concealers are invented for spot fix rather than a proper cover up.

Your concealer can be used in many other ways

Also, you can use your concealer in many other ways than just covering up your flaws.

Concealer before mascara is a nice idea

Do you know you can apply concealer before mascara and witness amazing results? This tip helps increase the volume of your eye lashes resulting in heavy beautiful eyes.

Preserve your lipstick shade

To preserve the original tone of the lipstick, lightly cover your lips with concealer, blend it with a sponge, and then apply lipstick over it. In addition to that, to make lipstick stand out so it looks clean and perfect, outline your lips with concealer then blend well using a brush.

O.TWO.O Concealer must be your next buy

Okay, so now I hope you have understood how big game changers these concealers can be. Now, to avail all these benefits from a concealer, it’s important that you choose a concealer with a perfect tone and brand.

If you struggle to match concealers to your skin tone or even find you need multiple shades for your face don’t worry. The rule is that you should be choosing a shade that’s lighter for under the eye coverage.

We, at PickyPicks, recommend you a perfect concealer that caters to all the issues given above. O.TWO.O Concealer is like a magic in a pot. Available in 4 different shades, this concealer will take away all your worries. You can choose from Natural, Beige, Warm Beige and Buff, according to your tone, and enjoy the wonderful results. This concealer is warm and moisturizing, great for any skin texture. It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most amazing concealer to have ever produced by any makeup company.

In addition to that, it is highly affordable and easily available at Your dark days are over, thanks to O.Two.O concealer that hides away all your dark spots and areas within minutes. Buy this beautiful product now and look flawless every day.



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