Color your Eyes with this Color Palette dropped from the heavens

At PickyPicks, we have always wondered what people, in general, look for products when it comes to makeup around the eye area. This is because this is one of the most sensitive areas, especially for those who wear eye lenses, and also as they say, eyes are probably one of the first features on a face that a person looks at. So yes, it won’t be wrong to consider this part, a very important part of the face. The products that people consider using for eyes are always chosen after lots of research and reading. Obviously you don’t want mascara that melts away with sweat or you don’t want to waste your money on an eye liner that doesn’t apply correctly and ends up damaging your eyes or you don’t want to consider eye shadows that keep on creasing and do not provide the perfect shades for any event of the day. You have to have an eyeshadow palette that meets all these demands because to be honest if your eye shadow isn’t perfect, your liner and mascara won’t be of any use resulting into eyes that wo’nt compliment the rest of the face.

But hey, we at Picky Picks ,store the best of the best products to make sure that our clients have everything beautiful, safe and amazing in their makeup bags and so like always we have a color palette for you which has been dropped from the skies just to make your eyes look the best they have ever looked. What is this magical palette? Read on and discover for yourself!


This Heavenly Palette is the solution to your amazing times and the crazy lows. This palette is home to 9 bold and beautiful shades that are highly pigmented and are appropriate for any occasion. There are creamy mattes for events that do not require a bold look and then there are shimmery smooth shades to make your eyes shine like a diamond. The collection of buildable colors is perfect to keep your eyes stay hydrated and picture perfect for a long period of time. This palette has must0on shades including both mattes and satines for lids, linear and crease. The best thing about this palette is the brush it comes with which means you save money on bys an extra item for color application.

At Picky Picks, we have 4 of the most amazing 9 color palettes,N0.01, N0.03, N0.04 and N0.06. These palettes have beautiful browns, fresh peaches and pinks, lovely grays and shimmery purples and maroons. Each palette has its own value in this collection of O.TWO.O color palettes.

Where to buy it from?

You know where to buy this palette from, don’t you? At Picky Picks we store the most wonderful makeup products from around the world so this palette had to be part of our collection. We have stored this product at a very reasonable price on our website and you can easily purchase it by clicking here





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