Tired of applying layer over layer of eye shadow to get the desired color consistency? Well, the old-school eye shadows definitely do not give the rich look.

It’s time to replace your eye shadow with these Loose Pigmented Eye shadows for the exact pigmented hue that you desire. These mineral rich pigments are pure colors which means, they have a better color payoff. The eye shadow pigments are highly opaque and give you an intense coverage unlike sheer loose eye shadows.


Each shade can be used alone or can also be combined for a richer multi-toned pigment delivery. The texture is made to adhere to the surface of the eyes even without a primer base.

Loose Pigmented eye shadows are high impact long lasting. The texture is easy to blend and encourages you to create custom contrast colors.

 Pigment Play Time!

Our range of loose pigmented eye shadows can be used as a dry or wet eye shadow.

Here are all the different ways in which these eye shadows can be used.

Use Focallure pigments for ultra-shimmering eyes and cheeks. These loose pigmented eye shadows can have a paintable consistency when mixed with a liquid primer due to its ability to mix with the primer quite easily. Mix primer to the pigment using a flat-liner brush and apply it as an eye liner.

You can even use these ultra shimmery pigments as a highlighter or blush.

Another fun thing you can do with these Loose Pigmented Eye shadows is to mix them with gloss or nail color to make your custom colors. The shades are absolutely versatile that way.


Although these loose pigmented eye shadows can be used wet or dry, however, if you wish to reduce the fall-out, you can choose to mix them with primer or multi-tasker mixing medium.

If you are worried about the messy factor, don’t be. Simply, use these pigments with eye shadow primer as the base to avoid fall-out. A primer will act as sticky base and help the powder to adhere to eyes without falling out. Another important thing is to use a bristle brush for application.


The packaging that they come in, make them absolutely travel-friendly.

 Multi-purpose metallic shades

Our color selection includes 18 different shades suitable for all skin tones. The fun and addictive range of colors makes one wish to have them all.


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