A Must-Have Magic Makeup Kit

Hey PickyPicks readers! Are you looking for an amazing makeup kit that has the answer to all your makeup dilemmas? Well, we would advise you to not look anywhere else as we have the best makeup kit for you that can serve you at anytime and anywhere. Benefit Golden Gate Glam Makeup Kit is a full-face makeup kit. It has everything you need for a perfect makeup look. You can apply the eyeshadow blender duo and make your eyes look big and attractive. This kit has a perfect mascara to lift your eyelashes and create a volume.

There is also a lipstick with a lip liner and these two are accompanied by a cheek powder and eyebrow gel. Not to forget, there are also signature tips and tricks provided in the kit that can guide you about everything you need to know to create an attractive face.

In addition, you will definitely love the packing this all comes in. Isn’t that amazing? Your perfect makeup look packed in one single kit!

Now let’s talk in detail about all the things this magic makeup kit carries and how you can apply each product for a better and beautiful outcome.


  • They are real! Eyeshadow blender duo: This eyeshadow is available in the shade brazen bronze. Simply slide your blender or brush on this shade and apply on your eyes and you will see how bigger and attractive your eyes will start looking.


  • They are real! Mascara: If you need heavy and long eyelashes then this jet-black mascara is the one you should keep with you at all times.


  • They are real! Double the lip lipstick+ liner in one: This lipstick in lusty rose will brighten up your face. Start with filling the upper lip and then gradually move to your lower lip.


  • Gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel: This magical eyebrow gel will give your eyebrows a fullness and proper definition. You can use the brush with the gel for blending.


  • Rockateur Cheek Powder: Apply this rose gold flush on the apple of your cheeks and look like a queen. This rocking cheek powder will enhance your cheeks.

Well, this is all you need to rock an attractive look. So, why wait? Get your hands on this limited edition makeup palette and have fun creating a beautiful face that you have always dreamt of.


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