Why Wearing Makeup Can Make You a Stronger Woman

The definition of a strong woman is very simple and straightforward. A strong woman is one who knows where she is heading to and is proud of her achievements and learns from every mistake without hesitation. A strong woman doesn’t have to be a working woman only. A stay-at-home mom is also a strong woman who has everything together and knows how to take care of her house and family. A strong woman is proud of her identity, her physical appearance, her attitude towards life and her strong ideologies. Physical appearance plays a great role in making you feel good and confident about you. Your looks set the tone for the day, make you feel secure about yourself and also help you focus on important things. Imagine not having a good day and someone comes up to you and says, wow your face looks beautiful today or your lipstick shade is amazing or your mascara is perfectly on point. How will you feel? Spectacular? Amazing? Strong? Makeup does play an important role in making you feel strong and complete. Below are six reasons that completely justify as to why wearing makeup can make you a stronger woman.

• Makeup makes you feel confident about yourself Makeup should never define you but applying good makeup everyday or thrice a week can be an excellent confidence booster. You start feeling good about yourself. Through good makeup, you can hide the scars and spots that have been bothering you. Good eyeliner and mascara can make you eyes look bright and a nice blended lipstick can make you feel fresh. Your body language always reflects your thoughts and if you think you look good, your body will speak that out too.

• Makeup helps you become social If you are an introvert only because you are not confident in the way you look and doesn’t want the world to know you, then a good makeup can definitely help you convert you into an extrovert. If you have a good makeup applied on your face, you will love to meet out with people; you will love to connect with women with similar personalities as yours and can learn a lot of each other. You need to meet good people to survive and makeup gives woman courage to socialize with the outside world.

• Makeup gets you going at workplace. Having a bad day at work can affects your confidence in a negative way. Don’t let your mood get affected by the things you don’t have control over. Look at yourself in the mirror, apply good makeup and get going. A fresh face with the right shade of lipstick, thick mascara, soft blush and perfect foundation are enough to boost your energy you require to fight against the work demons that have been bothering you.

• Makeup makes you proud of being a stay-at-home mom. Stay-at-home moms do not have time for them and are always tired and frustrated taking care of the children and their homes. If you are a stay-at-home mom then the first thing that you should do every morning is to apply good makeup after your morning shower. This will help you conquer the day with lots of confidence and patience. You can be both beautiful and an amazing home-maker at the same time.

• Makeup gives you all the liberty to dress up your face as you like You can choose to be yourself when you apply your kind of makeup. You have the liberty to change your face tone or your lip shade just the way you want. That is what makeup helps achieve.

• Makeup is fun! Strong women love to have fun and makeup is one thing that can be a lot of fun and a nice way to have a “me” time for yourself. Makeup is your strongest shield to save you from all the factors that can make you lose your confidence.

Buy it, apply it and feel it to conquer every day. ;)

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