6 Reasons to Make the Switch to Mineral Foundation

There's a vicious cycle that most makeup-wearers are probably quite familiar with: You decide to wear makeup to cover up your blemishes, but then discover that your makeup might be responsible for at least some of the breakouts. It makes us wonder if there's any kind of makeup that doesn't make you break out.

The right mineral foundation will give you a natural glow—kind of like a soft focus Instagram filter. Turns out, there is—mineral foundation, which is comprised of 100% natural minerals and taps into your body's chemistry, could be your new makeup MVP. Below, six reasons that might make you want to add some mineral foundation to your makeup bag.

1. They have less preservatives. They're free of dyes, preservatives, and fragrance. And thus…

2. They're gentler for sensitive/acne-prone skin. For women with sensitive skin,  mineral makeup is a game changer. Not only is it free of the inflammation-causing stuff, like parabens and chemical dyes, but ingredients like zinc oxide are naturally soothing and naturally anti-inflammatory. Furthermore, dermatologists recommend non-comedogenic formulas for those that have oily or acne prone skin as they're free of ingredients that cause pore blockage, which ultimately leads to whiteheads, blackheads, and other flare-ups.

3. They've got added SPF. In many powder blends, you'll find zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are physical sun blocks. However, you should think of it as en extra layer of protection in addition to regular sunscreen (at least SPF 30), as with powder, it's tricky to tell how much you need to apply for full protection. This said, they can be great for reapplication in a pinch.

4. They're more breathable. Mineral formulas are much lighter for everyday use, with a particularly radiant finish to boot.

5. You can really nail that "airbrushed" effect. The right mineral foundation will give you a natural glow—kind of like a soft focus Instagram filter. As far as texture, we recommend looking to ultra-light, super-fine powder that won't cling to dry patches, as well as liquid foundation that is sheer, hydrating, and blends with ease.

6. They have a longer shelf life. In many non-mineral products, you'll find fillers, additives, and fragrances that actually make it go bad faster. By nature of their composition, many ingredients in mineral makeup have a long, if not indefinite, shelf life.


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