5 Beauty Mistakes That Age You 10 Years

These little habits aren't doin' you justice.

While I live by the mantra "you do you" — especially when it comes to beauty — sometimes you just need a dose of real talk. Like: Your makeup is making you look old. 

Here, makeup artist Lavonne points out the ways you're aging yourself — and gives you quick fixes for how to stop.

1. Using a concealer that's way too light, too dark, or applying tons of it.

Concealer is a tricky beast. Basically it's a Goldilocks situation — you need to get it just right, otherwise it's a mess. If the concealer is too thick or not the right color, you're accentuating more than you are concealing. And remember: Application is half the battle. Skin under the eye is seven times thinner than the rest of your face, so a light touch is necessary. 

2. Wearing bright blush right on the apples of your cheeks.

"Only clowns and teens with taut skin should apply blush straight to the apples of their cheeks, otherwise it will draw undue attention," says Lavonne, who recommends applying along the cheekbones instead. To avoid looking aged or dated, stay away from really red or brick-colored shades, and make sure to blend so you can't see where the color starts and stops.

3. Layering on the shimmery or metallic lipstick.

Despite your fond memories of seventh grade, shimmer doesn't make you look young — but it can make you look like you don't know what you're doing. If you want to add a little sparkle to the lips, use a matte lip color and then try placing a little gloss just in the center.

4. Contouring with a heavy hand.

"Highlighting, contouring, strobing, clown contour ... they can go so wrong! It may seem easy to add a few stripes and blend them out, but a harsh line is a dead giveaway — and adds years to the face. Instead, aim for a barely there look ... or skip this beauty step altogether.

5. Creating spider lashes. 

Unless you're going for a really specific, editorial look, everyday lashes should be voluminous but separated. Clumpy mascara and liner on the bottom lash line accentuate crows feet and fine lines. Keep it simple with just a few swipes.

courtesy: Marie Claire

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