12 stunning lip shades that have our heart this summer

You have had a long winter of cold and sadness. The weather conditions had made you quite moody and to fill better you had tried to pull through yourself by applying vampy lip shades or rich reds to kill the dullness. But now that summer is here, it’s high time you brighten yourself and your surroundings with some color. A popping lip color is the need of the hour to highlight your summer is the best possible ways. The best thing about this season is that you can play around various lip shades according to your taste and mood. Since the overall vibe is lively, you can easily create a perfect lip look and blend in with your surroundings. You can experiment with different shades and that is what makes summers a happy season. Alright then, here is a list of 12 wonderful shades by Jordana Matte that you can proudly flaunt at any time of the day and night.

About Jordana Matte Lipsticks

Made in USA, these lipsticks are pure gold. The velvet texture of Jordana Matte lipstick is everything you want for your smooth lips. The perfect matte finish and beautiful colors will definitely turn heads this summer. The lipsticks are easy to apply and stay on the lips all day without drying out. This is exactly what you want this season. Now let’s move to the 12 enriching shades that this lipstick comes in.

The Rich Red

This lip shade is perfect for a bold look. A simple dress and Red on your lips, will make you look different from the rest.

The Head Turner Rafael

This shade would go with any look. It isn’t too bold and not to subtle and is great for a night out.

The Classy Rouge

Rouge is classy and perfect to complete a formal look. You can blindly wear it on an Opera night.

The Amazing Rio

This again comes under the various shades of red that Jordana Matte lipsticks have to offer. Pair it with a subtle dress for a day out and with black or blue for a date night.

The Lovely Scarlet Red

Scarlet Red is less bold and more brownish but it is super combination of both these colors. You can wear this lip shade in your office without looking too extra.

The Pretty Baby Doll Pink

If you are into a baby pink lip shade, then this is exactly the lipstick that you must get your hands on. This lip shade is the definition of pretty and pink.

The Exquisite Pink Showstopper

This shade is best for a night out. It’s darker than the baby doll pink which makes it suitable for a little bolder look.

The Cool Sweet Sorbet

Sweet Sorbet is a cool pink color suitable for a summer day out. It will also work best at your office hours.

The Solid Plum Obsession

As the name suggests, plum obsession is everything you like in the plum color. It’s dark and solid and is best for a night out.

The Hot Blazing Mango

Blazing mango is a peachy lip shade, perfect representation of summer. This lip shade can go with any dress because it’s that neutral.

The Bright Poppy Pink

Poppy Pink will make your lips pop out with a beautiful color. The color is bright and great to seek attention for everyone out there.

The Subtle Fruity Punch

The fruity punch is your simple yet beautiful lip shade that you can wear it at your home all day. It’s subtle and perfect for an everyday easy look.

What a bunch of amazing lip shades! Get your hands on your favorite this summer by visiting.https://pickypicks.co/collections/makeup-lips/products/jordana-matte-lipstick?variant=28426294165597.

You have every right to look great this season with Jordana Lipsticks.


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